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Xoch Rocks!!!

December 23, 2003

I want to wish you all a happy and wonderful Holiday and New Year!

Short, sweet and just my style!! ROCK ON!!!!

December 18, 2003

All right you Bitches!!

It's great to be back in the swing of things! This time of year is both chaotic and hectic, so that is why the true Savior (Hail XOCH!!) is here to bring the holiday cheer!! So even if you have been naughty or if you've been nice, there are some extra special gifts for your enjoyment, and just in time for the hoildays!

Firstly, I have a major announcement to make! I have just recently signed with Management here in the US! I want to thank my new Manager, Mr. John Hendrix, for his faith in me and my music, and say to him, and to all of you, that I look forward to an excellent 2004 working with him. For any music industry personnel who wish to contact my Manager, he can be reached at: John Hendrix, 2995 LBJ Freeway, Suite 200, Dallas, TX 75234, telephone: 972-888-8876, email: jhe059@airmail.net.

Besides the major activity here in the USA, I am pleased to say once again that XOCH is going international, baby!! That's right! I have a very nice (and very big) feature/interview in the current issue of the UK-based publication Fireworks Magazine, #14 - December 2003/January 2004. I want to take a moment and thank Bruce Mee of Fireworks for taking the time to speak with me for the interview! Bruce, you are truly a pleasure to work with!! Thanks for helping to make XOCH a household name throughout the UK and Europe!! And to top it all off, my favorite rock writer in the UK, Mr. Dave Reynolds, wrote the introduction to the piece! How cool is that?!! I'd say it's pretty awesome!! To check out the feature, please visit my REVIEWS page.

And speaking of awesome interviews and awesome rock writers, I have also posted my interview with Dave Reynolds on my REVIEWS page. This interview is different than the piece that appears in Fireworks Magazine, and it's definitely worth checking out! You can also find the interiew on Dave's own personal rock and roll website, www.reyno-roxx.com. I want to thank Dave for his belief in my talent and for continuing to spread the XOCH prophecy throughout the land! So check it out already, will ya?!

Well the holiday season is upon us, and in the spirit of the season, my good friends at Mojo Music Studio have their most recent holiday edition of "The Studio" Independent Radio Show (which is syndicated to over 80 radio stations throughout the world!) posted on their website. This week's show (Dec. 18th) is a special Christmas show and features artists who are on the Mojo Music Studio Compilation CD "Do You Hear What I Hear, Too?", including my song "The Fool's Dream (Christmas Version). I want to thank everyone at Mojo Music for including my song on the compilation, and for playing it on their most recent show! It's truly wonderful to be a part of something so magical! To obtain a copy of the CD, or to check out the latest show, please visit www.mojomusicstudio.com. Sign their guestbook and tell them XOCH sent ya!!

News Flash - January 24, I will be performing a special acoustic set at The Loft where I will be opening the night. This will be a great show, with live music from Chris Cubeta & Danny Lanzetta of Galuminum Foil Productions, along with 3Up 3Down. For more info about this show, please visit my GIGS page.

A friendly reminder - I have 3 brand new songs (recorded live), a revised version of my previously released song "Letter" (also recorded live), and my Christmas song, "The Fool's Dream (Christmas Version), all posted on my SONGS page for your enjoyment. All of these MP3's will be coming down shortly after the holidays, so listen now while you can!

Speaking of new songs, there is a ton of new song material pouring out lately! As you faithful readers of this column know, I am currently working on writing my next CD, and some of the new songs are just great! In addition to the 3 new songs posted on my SONGS page ("Best I Never Had", "Everyday (of my Life)", and "Johanna's Cafe"), I just finished another new song called "Not That Kind of Girl", and it's perhaps the best one yet! I have a few excellent older yet unreleased songs ("Yesterday", "Magdalena", and "Why Not Me?") that may also be on the next album, and a ton of other new stuff in the works. Anyone who has been to one of my acoustic shows will already know these 3 older songs, as I have been performing them for awhile now. Anyway, the recording of new stuff will begin in March of 2004. With luck, I will hopefully be able to complete recording of the album before the end of 2004. The only thing holding that back is the fact that, as an independent artist I am self-financed, so the record will get made as the money becomes available. That may take some time, but I'll do the best I can, I promise! If, by chance, anyone out there is interested in helping a sister out, don't hesitate to send me an email at xochmusic@yahoo.com, and we'll talk!

Well, that's the haps. Have a safe and wonderful holiday everyone!! ROCK ON!!!

December 2, 2003

Hola mis amigos y amigas! VIVE' MEXICO!

I just got back from my trip to Mexico and I had the most INCREDIBLE time!! The weather was perfect the entire time I was there (89 degrees and sunny, and it only rained the day I left - the sky was sad to see me go!). I got to enjoy some well deserved rest and relaxation, along with some spiritual and mystical experiences! SO, grab a poncho y tequila por favor and brace yourself for the fantastic journey that is Mexico!!

On Monday morning (11/17), I had to be at the airport at 5:30AM, so that meant I had to get up at 3AM! 3AM!!! So, I managed to wake up no problem (thank goodness for alarm clocks!) on time to catch my flight. So, I flew out of Stewart Airport in Newburgh, NY to the Philadelphia International Airport where I had about a two hour lay over between flights. The Philadelphia International Airport is HUGE!! It's like a giant mall in the middle of the airport! Keeps you busy!! So after pampering myself in the Bath & Body Work's, it was time to get to my boarding gate. Mexico here I come!!

I arrived in Cancun Airport around 1:30PM and immediately had to go to customs and get a temporary visa and then it was off to claim my luggage. After collecting my luggage, I managed to get to the other end of the airport and located the shuttle that would be taking me to my hotel. It was into the shuttle and on the path (more like the highway - ha ha!) to paradise!!

After a few shuttle stops, I finally arrived at my hotel/resort, the Bahia Principe Tulum. It was like a Mayan Palace - REALLY! I checked in, got unpacked and settled into my room. After everything was situated, I got changed and HIT THE BEACH!!! The water is so clear and is the most beautiful color I have ever seen! I had such a great time playing around in the waves and it really helped me connect to my higher being. It's truly humbling to be in the middle of something so big and that has stood the test of time! So Monday afternoon/evening was exploring the resort.

Then on Tuesday morning, I happened to meet some very cool and new friends (and the only other people who spoke fluent English) from Vancouver, Canada. Their names are Tony Pitsos and Sharon LeMottee' and I want to give them a shout-out: WASSUUP you guys? Thanks for all the laughs and for making my trip so special - CASA BONIIIIIITTTAA!!!!!

Then On Wednesday, I decided to travel into Cancun to see a Bull-fight. It is a time honored tradition in Mexico and I wanted to have an authentic experience of the Mexican culture, so I got a cab and it was off to the Bull-fight - Ole'!

Before the Bull-fight, there are displays, almost like a time line of the various forms of entertainment throughout Mexican culture. There were dancers who acted out an ancient Mayan ritual and traditional Mexican dances. They had the most beautiful and vibrant colored costumes I have ever seen! Then there were three Mexican Cowboys (one was a boy who looked to be about 11 years old!) who did tricks with lassos. There was a Cock-fight (no ladies - no men I know would have the cajones - ha ha!!) and for those of you who have your mind in someplace perverse, it is a tradition where two men bring their chicken or rooster (I couldn't get close enough to look) to face off at each other. If you let the birds really go at it and don't pull them away from each other, they will fight to the death! Well, I just got a sneak peek (they let them fight for only a few minutes) since they do it for demonstration purposes only. Then they had this game called Mayan Football, where six volunteers from the audience played what we call soccer here in the United States, but with a twist! A baby bull (which is still a few hundred pounds!), runs loose while each of the teams tries to score a goal. These guys got their ASSES TOTALLY KICKED by this three month old bull! I have never seen a little baby so PISSED OFF!! Needless to say, I don't think either team scored three goals to win because this bull was tossing these big tough guys up in the air! INSANE!!

Finally (after two hours of all the the ancient traditions), the Bull-fight begins! There are three Matadors - one main Matador who handles the Bull; the other two are there to distract the Bull if the matador gets knocked down. The Bull is then released into the ring. I noticed that the Bull had something that looked like a needle coming out of his back. Shortly after it started, a different Matador on a blindfolded horse came out and hit the needle with a spear so it went in deeper and made the Bull start to bleed. The Bull got very angry and charged the horse, hitting the horse full on with his horns and throwing the horse up in the air! They got the horse out of there quickly, but now I know why it was blindfolded! The actual Bull-fight lasted for about 30 to 45 minutes, and I was so amazed by how the Matador handled the Bull. The man was barely over 5 feet tall and the bull weighed well over 800 pounds! The fight was awesome - the Bull with his strength, size and savagery, and the Matador with his skill, precision, calm coolness, and a few swords! Throughout the fight, the Bull keeps getting stabbed (weakens him and makes him angry) until he falls down and dies. I know it is harsh sounding, which is why some people find this sort of thing disturbing the first time they see it, but there is an introduction before the Bull-fight begins explaining that the Bull is sent to the local market to feed the local people. So each week (every Wednesday), there is a Bull-fight in Cancun.

Thursday, I kicked back and did some more R&R and then it was the "Fiesta Mexicana" that night! It was a great night of Mexican Traditions, mas tequila and some of the greatest Mexican traditional folk music I have ever heard! There was a a huge Mariachi band that played (one of the trumpet players even played a solo up on the roof!) and there was also a three piece band right after them that played the most amazing Mexican folk songs. There were two guitar players (one guy did all the solos and the other did rhythm & bass) and one guy played this tradional Mexican instrument that sort of looked a like a variation of the harp. It was hard to make out what exactly it was, since they were on the other side of the stage from where I was sitting. Then at the end of the show, the Mexican dancers came off the stage and brought people up to join them in the Mexican Hat Dance. Well, I went up on stage and did the dance! I had such a blast!!

Friday morning, I woke up early and took a cab out to Playa del Carmen, for a few hours of snorkeling in the Coral Reef! WHEW!!! So from Playa del Carmen I catch the ferry to Cozumel. The ferry ride was pleasant and enjoyable and I get off the boat to find the best deal for snorkeling. I love to barter for the best price!! So on a little glass-bottom boat with about 10 of us, we set off to one of the smaller reefs for some snorkeling. Our tour guide Fernando took us to three different spots on this reef and let us swim around each of them for about 30 to 40 minutes each. It was really amazing to see all the huge tropical fish in their natural environment, and I was literally 10 feet away from a 6 foot Baracuda (yikes!!) that quickly swam away from me (thank goodness!) I also love checking out Coral because it is so unique and different! So after snorkeling, I decided to do some shopping and pick up presents for my family and friends. At one of the shops, I spot this authentic Mexican dress that I wanted since I stepped foot in Mexico! So I purchase it and wear it to dinner that very same night! All eyes were on me that night and I felt like a princess!!

Then on Saturday morning, I woke up early again (thank goodness for wake up calls!) and it was off to the Ancient Mayan Ruins of Tulum! I love to climb old "pyramids" of the ancient world! It is truly an enlightening experience!! So one 15 minute bus ride and a mile walk later, I was finally at the gates of this ancient Mecca! The plant life was so lush and beautiful and I still can't get over how amazing these 1000 to 1200 year old buildings looked! The Mayans were so ahead of their time!! I bet you didn't know that some of the Mayans had six fingers (freaky!) and that it was considered a symbol of nobility. Weird huh?! Now you can impress others with your knowledge of ancient civilizations - works great for schmoozing!

All day Sunday and Monday morning (I had to catch my plane back to Philly at 1:30PM), I just hung out at the resort with Tony & Sharon and enjoyed more fun in the sun!! And then it was back to Philly Airport (and cold weather!) for a fun-filled four-hour-plus lay over at the airport! YAY! I managed to make the time pass by playing guitar, writing down ideas (for possible lyrics) and catching a nap here and there. The ride home was smooth and I got in pretty late, so I pretty much went home and crashed!

Overall, I had such a wonderful time visiting my "other home"! It was very relaxing and I now have a renewed sense of inspiration! What an awesome feeling!! I'm so glad that I got to share it with all of you, my loyal and honorable Bitches!! It's great to be back!!

I hope all of you United States friends and fans all had a great Thanksgiving holiday as well!

In new music news, the Christmas Compilation CD called "Do You Hear What I Hear, Too?" which features my song "The Fool's Dream (Christmas Version)" is now out and available for your listening pleasure! As you may recall, this version of my song is vastly different from the version of "The Fool's Dream" which appears as song #12 on my CD "The ONE". This "Christmas Version" is unique in that it has very different instrumentation (including drums and electric guitars), some different lyrics, an entirely different solo section, and it is just awesome!

This Christmas Compilation CD is the second such CD in a series released by Mojo Music Studios in Franconia, NY, and contains over 20 original Christmas/holiday songs from the best up and coming unsigned artists. All genres are represented on this CD, so there is something for everyone! You can order the CD at www.mojomusicstudio.com. Thanks to all my pals at Mojo Music Studio for including my song from over 1000 submissions from independent artists. Songs from this CD (including my song!) will be broadcast on over 80 radio stations worldwide during this holiday season, courtesy of the Mojo folks - go to their website for all the info! I'll have the CD cover posted on my site very soon (on the REVIEWS page) for you all to check out, so keep checking back!

In addition to the CD (and as I promised in my Xoch Notes column a month or so back) I have posted a full-length Hi-Fi MP3 of "The Fool's Dream (Christmas Version)" on my SONGS page for you to check out. Now, I have posted the song as my holiday gift to you all, but besides the MP3, this song is available on CD ONLY on the Mojo Music Studio CD "Do You Hear What I Hear, Too?". Enjoy the MP3, but please also pick up a copy of the CD for a better quality version of my song, for 20 other excellent indie-band original holiday songs, and to support Mojo Music Studio in their noble crusade to introduce excellent independent music to the world!

Special thanks to CRUMBS.net (Capitol Region Unofficial Musicians and Bands Site) for putting my music into their playlist, and for saying some VERY nice things about me! Go to my REVIEWS page to check out what they had to say!

Look for two great interview/articles about XOCH to be posted here very soon - one from famous Rock and Roll Writer Dave Reynolds (Kerrang!, Classic Rock) at his website reyno-roxx.com, and the other from UK-based Fireworks Magazine #14. Dave is putting the finishing touches on his article and should have it posted very soon. Fireworks #14 is already currently available on European Newsstands everywhere. The feature will be posted here as soon as I receive it in the mail, which should be any day now.

WHEW! Lots to talk about this week, but that's it for now. Keep checking back here for the all the latest news and interesting happenings in the world of XOCH!


November 14, 2003

Whassup my Bitches!

I wanted to share some exciting news with all of you! Beginning tomorrow (11/15) through the Thanksgiving holiday, I will be away in sunny, beautiful, and exotic Mexico! I'm excited about taking this trip because it has been some time since I have taken a break, and this will be a truly inspiring experience for me! I can't wait to share my experiences with all of you when I get back!

So when I return, look for the UK publication Fireworks Magazine Issue #14 article to be posted. Also, keep your eyes peeled for the Mojo Music Studio Christmas Compilation "Do You Hear What I Hear too?", featuring a special holiday version of my song "The Fool's Dream (Christmas Version)" due out soon, just in time for holidays!

I want to wish all my American Fans a fun, safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!

See you all in a couple of weeks! ROCK ON!!!!!!!

November 7, 2003

What's the haps, my Bitches?!

I hope you all had a fun filled week full of treats!! I have some cool and interesting things for you all to check out!

This week, my song "My Desire" is being featured on "The Studio" Independent Radio Program. This week's show contains the most requested songs and artists, and I'm truly honored to be a part of it! I want to give a shout out to Frankie, Uncle Joe, Anthony & Mary Ann at Mojo Music Studio and say thanks for your continued support of me and my music! For those of you who don't know, "The Studio" is an internationally syndicated radio program that broadcasts to over 80 radio and internet radio stations worldwide! Look for the upcoming release this holiday season of the Mojo Music Christmas Compilation CD "Do You Hear What I Hear Too?", featuring my song "The Fool's Dream (Christmas Version)". So do yourself a favor and visit them on the web at www.mojomusicstudio.com.

Also just in time for the holidays, check out the excellent new review of my CD "The ONE" in this month's issue of Chronogram Magazine! I want to take a moment and personally thank both Brian Mahoney & Carla Rozman for their support! It's truly wonderful to have the support of one of the area's most highly recognized regional publications! Please check out the review posted on my REVIEWS Page.

If you haven't done so already, please visit www.bandwerks.com and vote for my song "The ONE". Bandwerks is an up and coming internet record label that is featuring my song for your listening and voting pleasure! Please show me some luv and make "The ONE" #1!!

As a reminder, don't forget that I have 4 new LIVE performance "bootleg" songs posted on my SONGS page! Three of the 4 songs are BRAND NEW and will be professionally recorded over this winter season to appear on my next CD due out sometime in 2004. The 4th song is a newly-revised and improved version of my song "Letter", which appears on my current CD "The ONE". The live performances (and the songs themselves) are all excellent, and I have posted hi-fi MP3's all 4 songs in their entirely as my gift to all of you wonderful friends and fans. Check 'em out and ENJOY!

Look for some changes to occur on the site over the next few weeks, so please keep checking back for all the latest from the greatest!!

ROCK ON!!!!!!!

October 31, 2003


What an awesome show last Friday (10/24) at the Cubbyhole! Once again, I had the opportunity to play to a wonderful and enthusiastic standing-room-only crowd!! I want to thank all of you wonderful beings for coming out to my final show of the year! I thoroughly enjoyed getting the chance to meet and greet with many of you throughout the evening. It was truly a pleasure to entertain you all, so thanks again for making it so special for me!

And then, it was off to PARTY!!! That's right, I wanted to go and PARTY the night away!! So after the show, about 10 of my musician friends, along with my family, went out for drinks at "The Rio" here in Poughkeepsie, NY right after the show! We had so mucho fun drinking Cervesa y Sangria! KICK ASS!

For your viewing pleasure, I have just posted a brand new CD review from the October issue of Soundcheck Magazine. I gotta give props to Bill and Debbie from Soundcheck Magazine for a great review! Go to my REVIEWS Page and check it out!!

Look for upcoming features from the UK publication Fireworks Magazine (November Issue # 14) and UK Rock writer Dave Reynolds (Kerrang!, Classic Rock Magazine) soon to be posted on my site. Keep checking the site for all the latest from the greatest, to see when they are posted!

Lastly, a new internet-based record label called Bandwerks is currently featuring my song "The ONE" on their site, for your listening and voting pleasure. Show a sista some LUV - go to www.bandwerks.com to see what they are up to, and to vote for my song! Let's make "The ONE" the #1 requested song on the Bandwerks website!!

That's the haps, my bitches! ROCK ON!!

October 21, 2003

Here is the latest from the greatest!

Yesterday afternoon (10/20/03) I did an overseas interview by phone with famous UK Rock writer Dave Reynolds (Kerrang!, Classic Rock) for a new piece he is doing on me. It's always such a pleasure to speak with Dave, and it was great fun to play catch up with each other! Dave and I talked extensively about my music, my musical influences, the new developments happening in my career, and his enthusiasm for spreading the XOCH Prophecy throughout the lands! I would certainly like to take this moment and say thanks to Dave for being a great disciple and a true believer (hehe)! Check out this legendary writer's new website at reyno-roxx.com. As soon as Dave posts the new piece on his site, I will post it here my site on my REVIEWS page, so keep checking back!

And speaking of literature, look for an upcoming feature on yours truly (with a special introduction by Dave Reynolds!) in the November issue of the UK-based publication "Fireworks" Magazine. Fireworks issue #14 hits newstands in Europe in a couple of weeks, so keep checking my REVIEWS Page, as I will post it for your viewing pleasure as soon as it becomes available.

For being such good boys and girls, you all get a special, tasty treat for Holloween! On my SONGS page, you will find some live tracks of three brand new songs, due to be recorded and released as part of my next CD! You will also find a revised and rewritten version of my song "Letter" (song #9 on "The ONE" CD). These LIVE performances were recorded at Mojo Music Studio in Franconia, NH on August 30th. Two of these four songs - "Best I Never Had" and "Letter" - were featured on "The Studio" Independent Radio show back on September 11th. "The Studio" is a syndicated program and broadcasts internationally to over 80 stations all over the globe! So do yourself a favor and indulge your senses with some sweet and tasty Ear Candy! Happy Halloween!

In further Mojo developments, I have just gotten word that I will be featured on a Christmas Compilation CD put out by Mojo Music Studio called "Do You Hear What I Hear Too", to be released very soon! My song "The Fool's Dream (Christmas Version)" will be featured on this CD, along with many other original holiday songs by other artists.

You all didn't know I had a "Christmas Version" of my song "The Fool's Dream", did you? The Christmas version is distinctly different than the version that appears as song #12 on my CD, "The ONE". The Christmas version contains a completely different mix of the song - a different intro, full drums throughout the song, a different bass-line, powerful electric guitar parts, slightly different lyrics in the chorus, and an excellent and fun guitar solo performed by my good friend George Fletcher (who was the original Producer of the Christmas version). The solo is awesome, and it is a very creative combination of some excellent blues licks and some well-known Christmas songs. The Christmas version really ROCKS, and provides a much different way of hearing the song than the classical, ballad-based version that appears on my CD.

So, why two versions? Well, another bit of XOCH trivia - the Christmas version is actually the original version of the song, and it was first released a few years ago exclusively by Drezdon Records on another Christmas Compilation CD called "Lean On Me: A Hudson Valley Christmas". The non-secular version that appears on my CD is a remix of the original recording. The story goes like this - months after the original Christmas version was recorded and released, I started working with world famous Producer Eddie Kramer. It's kind of a long story - Eddie loved the song and the orchestra parts, but did not like the Christmas nature of the song - he felt it gave the song a "novelty" quality, and Eddie thought the song was good enough to have a more "universal" appeal. So to make a long story short, it was Eddie's choice to do overdubs and a complete remix of the song - he went back to the original 2-inch tape, pulled out the drums and all of the electric guitar tracks (including the solo), had me do vocal overdubs for different, non-secular lyrics in the chorus, added cymbals, added a classical acoustic guitar solo, and added a new and simpler bass-line (performed by Rock and Roll Legend John "Skinny" Regan of Peter Frampton and Frehley's Comet fame - John also played bass on my song "Let Me In" - song #5 on my CD, "The ONE", but I digress). The song was then completely remixed to become the version that appears on my CD, and the original Christmas version was put on the back-burner. Thanks to Mojo Music Studio, now the Christmas version (which I actually like better!) will once again see the light of day. It's awesome - I promise you won't be disappointed! For more info on "Do You Hear What I Hear Too", please visit my good friends Frankie, Uncle Joe, and Anthony from Mojo Music Studio on the web at mojomusicstudio.com.

So as you can see, the Holiday Season is approaching quickly! Why not give the gift that keeps on giving? XOCHMUSIC - go to cdbaby.com/xoch to purchase "The ONE" online!

Since I am feeling so giving today, I have decided that this 2003 Holiday Season, I will post on my SONGS page a hi-fi MP3 of "The Fool's Dream (Christmas Version)" in its entirety, as a special "X-Mas" gift from "The ONE" and only XOCH to all of you wonderful fans! This will happen around Thanksgiving, as the holiday season goes into full swing. Keep checking this site for more details!

Don't forget to escape the "grind" this Friday night! Join me (and my guitarist Vince) for a special acoustic performance at the Cubbyhole Coffee House. The show starts at 9pm. The Cubbyhole is located at 44 Raymond Ave in Poughkeespie,NY, right near Vassar College. Check out my GIGS page for further info. This will be my FINAL performance for 2003, so come on down and let's celebrate in style!!!!

Until next time, ROCK ON Bitches!!!!

October 17, 2003


Well, it's been an extremely crazy week!! This past Columbus Day weekend I went to the Jersey shore with some friends and we had a blast! That's right, XOCH was a "Jersey Girl" this past weekend! The weather was awesome (75 degrees and sunny!) and I even got to go in the "not-as-cold-as-I-thought" Atlantic Ocean, which was great (and extremely weird for the middle of October!). I was in the ocean water at 1AM one evening, and it was an amazing and spiritual experience! There was no one else on the beach for miles, and the sky was so bright with the full moon, Mars, and a million stars shining in the cloudless sky. Amazing! So, I want to thank my very good friends Biz and Kelly ("I can't believe you sucked my Jaggon" - ASS!) for a great time last weekend. "I hate you guys"!

Then on Wednesday (10/15), it was off to 91.3 FM WVKR. This time I did the show with the full electric band (Vince, JJ, and O'Keefe), which was a nice change of pace. It was a tight squeeze and about 95 degrees in the studio, but we managed to have a great time anyway. We played 9 original songs (3 new ones!) and despite some funky sound issues, we had a blast! I want to thank Marc, Kelly and the crew for yet another fun-filled evening of "Radio Free XOCH" on WVKR's Scene Unseen!

Much to my surprise on Thursday morning (10/16), I woke up with NO voice! Turns out I have been hit hard with a major throat and sinus infection (doctor appointment earlier today). I was upset at first because I had to play at CBGB's last night and I couldn't get any sound out of my vocal chords at all - barely even a whisper! But thanks to my super human galactic powers (along with lots of tea and honey and some help from my friend Vanessa), I was able to ROCK OUT and pull off the show in FULL SINGING VOICE (even though I still can't really talk)! That's the power of the diaphragm, boys and girls. The band and I played a VERY strong 7-song set (I cut a couple of songs because I did not want to hurt my voice) to a terrific crowd, so thanks to all of you wonderful XOCH fans (you know who you are) for coming out and taking a bite out of the "Big Apple"!

And for those of you wanting to escape the typical "grind", please come out to The Cubbyhole Coffeehouse on Friday 10/24 at 9PM for a special acoustic show by "The ONE" and only XOCH! It will be my final show for 2003 as I am going on a long vacation to MEXICO in November, and I will begin working on my second CD over the holidays and the early part of 2004! So come out for a great night!! You won't be disappointed!

Keep checking XOCH.com for special announcements, my weekly XOCH NOTES column, an upcoming major feature in UK-based "Fireworks" magazine (and some other upcoming press, too!), some live MP3's to be posted soon (as soon as my webmasters get to it), and a few holiday surprises!

Later, my awesome Bitches!!! Until next week, ROCK ON!

October 10, 2003

Hello to all you XOCH lovers!

I know it has been a while since I made an entry, so I appreciate your patience! I have just been busy rehearsing and getting ready for my next few up coming shows, so do yourself a favor and catch one!! You won't be disappointed!

Don't forget to tune into 91.3 FM on Wednesday October 15th beginning at 7:30PM for a full hour of me, XOCH, live in the studio! I 'm especially psyched about this show because I will be ROCKIN OUT with my full, electric band! And I will be hangin' with Marc, Kelly, Wavy Davy and the crew! It will be a blast!

And then on Thursday October 16th, I will be at the legendary CBGB's in NYC! That's right, XOCH is ROCKIN' the Big Apple! I hit the stage at 10PM. So come down for a night of sin in the "Garden of Eden"!

For up to the minute details on these shows and other upcoming live events, please visit my GIGS page.

I think that's everything. If not, you'll have to check back here and see - ha ha ha! Anyway, gotta go and ROCK ON, my BITCHES!!!!!

Have a great Columbus Day weekend!!!!

September 29, 2003

What's up? I'm gonna be short & sweet!

What an AWESOME show Friday night at the Cubbyhole Coffeehouse!! It was a standing-room-only show, and I just loved it. I just want to thank all of you wonderful fans for coming out to the show and helping to make it a great success (SPECIAL thanks to Rachel & Sarah, and also to Lois and Gino, for bringing their crews with them)! You were all such a terrific crowd, and Vince and I had a blast performing for you. It is because of wonderful, unique, music lovers like yourselves that make this music scene exist at all, and I really and truly appreciate your support. It was my first "just me" 2-set performance in quite a while, and I really loved letting loose for the entire night! It was such a fun and personal atmosphere - that's why I love acoustic shows. We performed 11 of the 12 songs on my CD, 6 new tracks (some for the first time!), and one cover tune - all acoustic, and all kickin'! I will be returning to the Cubbyhole in Poughkeepsie, NY at the end of October (Friday, October 24th) and I'm really looking forward to another terrific performance there!

In the meantime, you can catch me dominating the radio airwaves of WVKR's (91.3FM) Scene Unseen program on Wednesday, October 15th. Starting at 7:30PM, join me for a full hour, LIVE in the studio, with my full electric band!

And the following night, Thursday, October 16th, I will be right in the "core" of the "Big Apple" (I love playing on words!) for a performance at the legendary CBGB's in NYC! This will be a BIG show for me, so please come down and show a sista some luv!!

These three gigs will be my last few shows for the year, so make sure you come out to a show for a great night of live music and entertainment! After October, I will be going into hiding for a few months to write and record some new material for my upcoming second CD. However, don't fret! During my time off I will still be writing my weekly XOCH NOTES, posting new pictures, reviews, and other fun things from time to time (don't forget the new live MP3's I'll be putting up soon on the SONGS page), and as a special holiday gift from me to all of you I will be posting a full-length MP3 of my very own special original Christmas song. What Christmas song, you ask?!? Well, you'll just have to keep checking back to find out! Plus, you never know if we decide to rock a live show or two anyway, just for fun! So, be the coolest cat (or kitty!) on your block, and make sure you keep checking back here for all the latest news in the world of XOCH!

ROCK ON, my Bitches!!

September 16, 2003


Things have been a bit crazy lately, so let's play catch up!

Ah, the legendary CBGB's! A truly unique and memorable experience for any musician or fan of live music. I played there on 9/4/03, and I just love to go down and soak up the atmosphere and culture of the lower east side. Oh yeah, we ROCKED OUT and had a blast playing to the late night crowd!! Check me again at CBGB on October 16 @ 10PM!

Then it was off to 91.3 FM WVKR for the Scene Unseen program on 9/10. It was a short and sweet acoustic performance set, live in the studio, with just me and my guitarist Vince. I love hangin' out with Marc Stuart and the Scene Unseen crew because we always have the best time doing the show! I'll be back on the program again on 10/15, this time with the full electric band, so set your radio dials NOW! By the way, thanks to DJ Wavy Davy (Scene Unseen program co-host and all around cool guy) for your impeccable choice of words in this month's Chronogram Magazine! To see what I mean, please stop by my REVIEWS Page and check it out!!

And in relation to that Chronogram article (nice segue, right?) - for those of you who need your "fix" of XOCH live, I will be playing a special acoustic show at The Cubbyhole Coffeehouse at 44 Raymond Avenue in Poughkeepsie, NY on September 26th, starting around 9PM. Vince and I will perform a very rare two full sets of original material at this particular show. As I plan to begin focusing on writing and recording tracks for my next CD over the winter, this show may possibly be my last local and/or acoustic show this year, so make sure you stop by for a special treat!

And now available for your listening pleasure (among other things-he he he!), check me out as the featured artist on "The Studio" Independent Radio show! "The Studio" is a syndicated program that airs on over 74 stations around the world! And what does that mean for all of you XOCH fans? You can check out a live performance of me and the band ROCKIN' "The Studio"!!!! Go to www.mojomusicstudio.com and check out the latest show dated 9/11/03, featuring XOCH!!

The show was recorded live at Mojo Music Studio in Easton, New Hampshire on August 30, 2003, and showcases a 4 piece version of my band - myself on vocals, Vince Ripper on guitar and backing vox, J.J. Reed on Bass, and Chris O'Keefe on drums. My show features 4 songs performed live-in-the-studio for the program: A slightly "guitar was out of tune" version of "The ONE" (hey, that's live performance for ya!), and GREAT versions of 3 other songs - "My Desire" from my current CD, a brand-new song called "Best I Never Had", and a completely revised version of "Letter" - these final two songs in particular really came out TOTALLY AWESOME and they appear in the last segment of the program, so please try to listen to the entire one-hour show - I promise you won't regret it!

We also recorded 2 additional brand-new songs while we were there. One of these other new songs is called "Everyday (of my Life)", and for a little change up, we decided to do an acoustic version of another new song, "Johanna's Cafe". These two songs will be appearing on forthcoming editions of "The Studio".

For those of you who have been waiting for some new stuff, or for those unfortunate few who have not yet had a pleasure to "feel the live XOCH experience", I have a real treat coming for you! Keep your eyes on my SONGS page over the next couple of weeks, as I will be posting full-length MP3's of the LIVE performances of all the new songs mentioned above - "Best I Never Had", "Everyday (of my Life)", "Johanna's Cafe" (acoustic), and the newly revised version of "Letter". I will be doing this as a free downloadable gift to all of my wonderful fans, in order to give you a sneak-peak of what's in store on my next CD, and also to show you how my band simply ROCKS THE HIZ-OUSE in a live concert setting!!!

Lastly, "Sex and the Single Mom" will replay again on Lifetime Television Network on Sunday, October 21st at 1PM, so if you have not checked it out yet, set your TIVO and VCR's for the first 10 minutes of the movie, and listen to a nice clip of my song, "The ONE"!

Gotta go, my Bitches! Until next time, ROCK ON!!!

September 9, 2003


Last night was the World Premiere of the Lifetime Television Network Original Movie "Sex & the Single Mom", and to my surprise, my song "The ONE" appeared within the first 10 minutes of the movie, even before the first commercial break!! Lucky "break" for me!! A 30-second clip of my song is in the scene where the daughter is developing some pictures in a photography darkroom. The part of the song that was used was the entire second verse and part of the pre-chorus. So for those of you who know your stuff and did your homework, you will be greatly rewarded! (he he he!) If you missed it, you still have the chance to redeem yourself (and no, you don't have to kiss my ass)! Check out "Sex & the Single Mom" on Lifetime Television Network this Friday, September 12th at 9PM; or Sunday, September 21st at 1PM.

So when I'm not busy ROCKIN' OUT in prime-time TV, I'm getting rave reviews on the web! I want to give a shout out and say than"x" to Mark & Jenny Lush of MidWest Bands (thanks for the great words - I appreciate the luv!), for such an awesome review of my CD "The ONE", and for making me a featured artist for the month of September! To check out the feature and the CD review, you can click on the link on my Reviews Page. And while you're at it, make a "cyber" visit to Mark and Jenny at www.midwestbands.com. And when I'm not being reviewed, I'm getting airplay! That's right, "The ONE" XOCH dominates all forms of media coverage!!! I will be the feaured guest on this week's "The Studio" Independent Radio Program, which is broadcast to over 74 radio stations around the world. If your local station does not receive this program, starting September 11th, "The Studio" will be available for download from the Mojo Music Studio site, so you can check out a live, three song performance of me! For a complete list of the radio stations that air "The Studio", give them a visit on the web at www.mojomusicstudio.com.

In other exciting news - today is the official 1-year anniversary of my website, xoch.com! My site did not go live to the world until 9/10/02, but it was up and running for testing one year ago today. In the last year, my site has gotten over 15,000 visitors, and well over 500,000 hits! Not bad for the first year, right? I've had extensive traffic from all over the world including England, Australia, Germany, Belgium, France, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Saudi Arabia (really!), and of course, the good old USA, among other places as well! I've made lots of new friends and fans who regularly visit my website and send me emails, and I've sold many CD's to people from all over the world from my site. As most of you know, my site is usually updated a couple of times a week (to keep it interesting for all of you), and I want to thank my wonderful webmasters Jonathan Dickau and Cary Kruzansky of Diverse Productions for maintaining my site, and paying such incredible attention to detail in the updates. A heartfelt thanks to all of you fans who continue to visit my site, and who have been watching my career grow so much this last year. Thanks everyone!

Lastly, don't forget tomorrow night, Wednesday September 10, 2003, I will be making a special acoustic appearance on WVKR's Scene Unseen program. Tune in to 91.3FM starting at 7:30PM, to hear all the latest and greatest in the world of XOCH!

Until next time, ROCK ON!!!

September 2, 2003

What is up my Bitches?!

I hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend! I sure did! The boys and I really lived it up in New Hampshire this weekend! I decided to change things up a bit for the performance on "The Studio" Independent Radio show and go with a more "raw" and "stripped down" (don't get too excited- HA HA!) sound. So, it was just 4 of us this time - drums (what's up O'Keefe!), bass (what's up J.J.!), only ONE guitar (what's up Vince!), and vocals (little old ME). We cut six tracks live - five with the band and one song with just acoustic guitar and vocals - and I can't wait to share them with all of you! Three of these 6 songs are brand new, unreleased, never-before-recorded songs, so get ready for some new material very soon!

I want to give a very special shout out to the awesome Mojo Music Studio crew: Uncle Joe, Anthony, Frankie, and Mary Ann! Thanks guys, for all your hospitality and for such an awesome experience!! "The Studio" (with XOCH as the featured guest) will tentatively begin airing on September 11th - if that date changes, I will be sure to let you all know right away. The show will feature 3 of the 6 songs we recorded live. Once I receive the final tracks from the studio, I will post some MP3's so you can all check it out. To listen to the show, you can call your local radio station and demand that they carry "The Studio" Independent Radio Show, or you can download the program from "The Studio" website - please visit www.mojomusicstudio.com for more information.

This Thursday September 4th, I will be ROCKIN' the "Big Apple" at the legendary CBGB's with my full electric band! I hit the stage around 11:30PM. This will be a kick ass show, and something of an industry showcase for me as well, so please come down to NYC and PARTY with ME!! Oh Yeah!

This just in - my performance scheduled for September 10th on WVKR will now be acoustic, instead of full electric band. Due to scheduling conflicts, one of the guys in the band will not be able to make it, so it will be just myself and my two guitar boys Vince and Kevin for that show. We will return as a full electric band for another performance on WVKR Wednesday, October 15th. For the best music in the Hudson Valley, check out Scene Unseen at www.sceneunseen.org.

And in the "cyberworld", XOCH has a front page feature on Midwest Bands this month. To check what they had to say about me, please visit www.midwestbands.com, or you can also check my REVIEWS page. And while you're there visiting at midwestbands.com, request my song "The ONE" for their on-line radio station!

Don't forget - just 6 days from today, Monday September 8th at 9PM, will be the World Premiere of the Lifetime Television Network Original Movie, "Sex and the Single Mom", starring Emmy nominated actress Gail O'Grady, which will feature my hit single and CD title track, "The ONE"! Make sure you tune in to Lifetime Network and check out my big "Hollywood debut"! Encore broadcasts of "Sex and the Single Mom" will be Monday September 8th at 11PM, Friday September 12th at 9PM, and Sunday September 21st at 1PM, all on Lifetime Network.

That's the haps, my Bitches! Stay tuned for more...........

ROCK ON!!!!!!!!

August 26, 2003

This is the hot spot for all the latest news in the world of XOCH!

I wanted to clear up some misinformation that I had noted in a previous entry, regarding the movie "Sex and the Single Mom". My single "The ONE" will be featured in a cool way during a non-dialogue scene, but, contrary to what I previously noted in this column, I have just been informed that there will not be any end-credits for the music used in the movie. Oh well, that's show biz! No biggie! I'm just honored and happy to have my song chosen to be in a movie that millions of people will see, which means that millions of people will hear my song! Exciting, isn't it? Make sure you check out the World Premiere of "Sex and the Single Mom" on Lifetime Television Network on Monday, September 8th at 9PM!

And when I'm not dominating TV, I'm out and about, ROCKIN' OUT! This weekend, the boys and I will be heading up to Franconia, New Hampshire for a live in-the-studio performance for the internationally syndicated radio program, "The Studio" Independent Radio Show. It is a pre-recorded show and will broadcast sometime in September. To see a complete list of the stations that the show airs on, please visit www.mojomusicstudio.com. I will let you know when my show will air as soon as I know, so check back here often!

My next live performance will be next week - I will be back to ROCK OUT in NYC on Thursday September 4th at the one and only CBGB's! I hit the stage around 11:30PM (just a few minutes later than originally noted). So, come out and party with XOCH in my personal Garden of Eden, the Big Apple!

That's it for now! I hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend! ROCK ON My Bitches!

August 22, 2003

Hey! It has been computer hell week because of the "SoBig" virus that has been going around! Thankfully, my hard drive doesn't have it, but man, those lengthy emails I keep getting because of the virus take up WAY too much space! It's been taking all of my email storage space, so, unfortunately, some of your emails have been returned because my email box was full. My apologies to all you wonderful people who have been trying to send me an email! Apologies also to anyone receiving a virus email from my address! From what I have been told, the nature of the virus is that it attaches itself to email databases and then just sends itself to anyone in your address book, as if it were coming from you. I didn't send it, I swear! Anyway, the virus is supposed to run it's course by September 10th, so until this thing sorts itself out, if you need to contact me and my normal email (xochmusic@yahoo.com) is full, you can send a message my way at my back-up email, which is fuzziesmusic@yahoo.com .

Speaking of September 10th - The one year anniversary of "xoch.com" is coming on September 10th! I'll let you all know just how busy the year was for my website at that time. Keep checking back for more information.

And for those of you who prefer to use your visual skills, I have a couple of new pictures up on my PHOTOS page from this year's 101.5 FM WPDH Roof-A-Thon for MDA. I want to give a shout out and some props to Mike Vod who took the photos of the glamorous 7-11 parking lot stage! Thanks Mike!

What do you guys think of my new front page photo? Cool, huh? It was time for a change!

Thanks to all of you awesome people for tuning in to Artist First Radio last night, to check out a full hour of XOCH live! I want to say thanks to the "Z-Man" for a being a great interviewer and host! I had a blast doing the show! The show will re-run again in September, so go to www.artistfirst.com to see when my show will air again.

And for those of you looking to "break the heat", come out to the Marina at 7 Main Street in Catskill, NY tonight for a live, in your face, KICK ASS show! The show starts tonight around 10PM. Stick around for a great night of live music and entertainment from yours truly, and also my good friends the Loose Marbles!!

A very special shout-out to my old Fuzzies lead guitar player, Kevin Slover! Kevin has very recently come back to the fold, and will have his first XOCH performance tonight. Kevin REALLY wails on guitar, and it's been about 4 months since we played with 2 guitars, so tonight should be a special not-to-be-missed performance! Don't forget about my other sexy band boys - Vince Ripper, also on guitar; JJ Reed on Bass, and Chris O'Keefe on Drums! From time to time the orchestration of my electric band will change depending on who is available, and how I want to present any particular show - sometimes 2 Guitars, sometimes just one Guitar, sometimes one Guitar and a Keyboard, and sometimes 2 Guitars and a Keyboard, and always Bass and Drums. It just goes to show the versatility of my excellent band! You never know what you're going to get at a XOCH performance, but it's always good, and it always ROCKS! Thanks to all my wonderful players!

Don't forget about my Hollywood connection! Mark your calendars and set your VCR's for Monday September 8th at 9PM, for the Lifetime Television Network World Premiere Original movie, "Sex and the Single Mom", which will contain a nice snippet of my hit single, "The ONE"!


August 18, 2003

Hey! I hope you all had an awesome weekend! Just a quick update -

I just wanted to inform you all that the September 5th show at The Loft in Poughkeepsie, NY, along with the show on September 25th at Don Hill's in NYC, have both been CANCELLED due to scheduling conflicts on the part of the club(s). Both shows are being removed from my GIGS page. I'll let you know about rescheduling.

Reminder - don't forget this Thursday (8/21) to tune in to Artist First radio for a full hour of XOCH beginning at 9PM! I will be doing a live interview by phone, so please feel free to contact me during the show by email! To check out the show and all of the details, go to www.artistfirst.com.

And on Friday (8/22), I will be ROCKIN' OUT with my band at the Catskill Point Marina at 7 Main Street in Catskill, NY, along with my good friends The Loose Marbles. The party starts around 10PM. This is going to be an awesome show, so come and ROCK OUT!!!!

That's it for now - short and sweet! Please keep checking back here for all the latest news in the world of XOCH! Yeah, baby!

August 13, 2003

Have I got some news for you! XOCH GOES HOLLYWOOD! I'm very pleased to announce that my song "The ONE" has been licensed for use in a Lifetime Television Network Original Movie!! The movie is called "Sex and the Single Mom" and it stars 3-time Emmy nominated actress Gail O'Grady, known best for her work in the hit TV series American Dreams and NYPD Blue. The World Premiere of "Sex and the Single Mom" will be Monday, September 8th at 9PM on Lifetime Network. The movie will run again on Monday, September 8th at 11PM, Friday, September 12th at 9PM, and Sunday, September 21st at 1PM. Make sure you watch the movie and listen for my song, and also check out the credits at the end of the movie! For more details on the movie, you can check out www.lifetimetv.com.

And in other news - my CD "The ONE" is now available to purchase online at Tower Records! It is also still available at CD Baby, for the new low price of $12.99, down one dollar from the previous listing. So, go treat yourself to the gift that keeps on giving - XOCHMUSIC!

Don't forget, I have many shows coming up over the next several weeks, so come out and PARTY WITH ME!!!! The boys and I are ready to ROCK OUT for all of you! For all the nitty gritty, please visit my GIGS page!!!

Come October '03, I will retire for a few months from live shows in order to finish writing (and to begin pre-production) for my next CD, which I intend to begin recording in early 2004. Once October comes, I don't anticipate getting back to doing live shows again until after the completion of my next album, so unless you catch my band and I in the next couple of months, it will probably be until Spring of 2004 before we are gigging regularly again. So, make sure you catch a show while you still can!

That's it for now, so ROCK ON y'all!!!

August 5, 2003

All right, my bitches! It's great to be back in full force!

I personally want to thank Coop and Mike from 101.5 FM WPDH, as well as all of you friends and fans who came out to this year's Roof-A-Thon on August 2nd. It was definitely one hot, sweaty, and extremely sexy time had by all......don't get too excited! My boys and I had a great time ROCKIN' da LOT, and I got my 5 minutes on the air right after the performance! All proceeds from this year's Roof-A-Thon went to raise money for MDA. It's really great to see people giving freely to help out a great cause, and it's truly wonderful to be a part of that energy!

In other news - due to scheduling conflicts, my feature that was scheduled to be in the August issue of the UK-based bi-monthly publication "Fireworks" (issue #13), will now be in the October issue (#14). Sorry about any confusion - I just found out myself. Fireworks is trying to coordinate the big feature piece on me with the European release of my CD, which looks like it will happen in October. Apparantly, October is a better time in Europe for album releases than during the summer months, so things have been pushed back a bit. Anyway, back to Fireworks Magazine - I have just learned that famous UK rock writer, Dave Reynolds, will be contributing an introduction to my feature. I'm very thrilled that Dave will be writing about me once again! Dave is an extremely well known and respected writer and damn it, he makes me look good! Thanks Dave, love ya baby! Fireworks issue #14 will hit newsstands throughout Europe at the end of September/beginning of October. Please keep checking back here to see when the feature will be posted on my web site.

August is definitely radio month for me! On the 21st, I will be appearing on the internet radio show ArtistFirst.com from 9pm-10pm. The show broadcasts all over the 'net and I'm very excited about exposing my music and message to the world at large! I will be doing a phone interview throughout the hour while they spin songs off my CD. And the best part is that you - my wonderful, loyal and adoring fans - can contact me directly during the show on August 21 by logging into www.artistfirst.com and sending me an email!

And then on August 30, the boys and I will be heading to New Hampshire to record a live performance for the syndicated radio program "The Studio" Independent Radio show. We will pre-record the show which will air in September. Check out www.mojomusicstudio.com for a complete list of stations that air the show. For those of you who haven't had a chance to hear me perform live, this is the perfect opportunity for you to see for yourself that XOCH is The ONE!

And while I'm at it, I figured I would mention other radio play I have been getting across the USA, on the following FM radio stations -

KABU 90.7 FM (6,000 watts) in St. Michaels, ND;

KGVA 88.1 FM (95,000 watts) in Harlem, MT;

KMHA 91.3 FM (97,000 watts) in Newtown, ND;

KNON 89.3 FM (55,000 watts) in Dallas, TX; and

KVNF 90.8 FM (3,000 watts) in Paonia, CO -

All of these stations have picked up my single "The ONE", so THANKS to all those PD's and MD's for giving their listeners some much-needed XOCH! More stations will be putting my song into rotation over the next few weeks, so I will keep you all posted on the details.

I have just added ANOTHER new radio gig to my GIGS page. On September 10, please tune into Scene Unseen on WVKR 91.3 FM at 7:30PM to hear a full hour of XOCH (with the full electric band) for a live performance on Vassar College Radio!

I have 3 New York City shows coming up, and I NEED YOUR HELP! The NYC clubs are pretty demanding, in that even though I come from many, MANY miles away to play in NYC, I have to actually bring my own crowd with me! So, please come out to one or two of the NYC shows (9/4 at CBGB, 9/25 (date updated by webmaster 8/6/03) at Don Hill's, and 10/16 at CBGB again) and show your support, so I can keep coming back to rock the Big Apple!

That's it for now! Have a great week everyone! Enjoy and ROCK ON!

July 30, 2003

What's the haps my bitches?! I'm very excited to be writing this new XOCH Notes entry after a hiatus of 2 weeks! My webmasters are back (finally-HAHAHA!) from their well deserved vacation. Welcome home Cary and Jonathan, I missed U!!!!

Thank you all for coming out to The Loft on July 18th! What a KICK ASS show! The place was literally swamped with people, and I sold a nice big pile of CD's. I want to thank all the bands (especially my pals in Zero 260) and the fans for making the show a great success!

On Monday July 21st my bandmates and I went down to NYC to play at the ACME Underground. It turns out my friends the Loose Marbles were playing CBGB's the same night! So, we decided to take a stroll up a few blocks and we could hear them playing outside the club. By the time I realized what time it was, I had to get back to ACME for my own set at 8PM. The show at ACME was fun! Great crowd response from the small Monday night crowd! We all left NYC around 10PM to head back home to good old Poughkeepsie, NY, and we drove right into that terrible thunderstorm. It was a treacherous drive, but the lightning was beautiful to see!! It struck so many times that it literally lit up the sky almost to the color of daylight! So cool!

On Friday July 25th, the acoustic show at the Cubbyhole was lots of fun. I want to thank Chris Cubeta and Danny Lanzetta of Galuminum Foil for doing the show with us! They did an awesome set to open the night. Playing to a great, standing room only crowd in that type of intimate setting is a real treat for me! I feel that I can really connect to the audience in that environment, so thank you to all who came out to the show!

Lots of GREAT stuff going on as we head into August! August is XOCH-RADIO month, beginning with the 101.5 WPDH Roof-A-Thon this Saturday, August 2nd, at 6PM. Come down to the 7-11 on Route 9 in Wappingers Falls, NY and ROCK OUT with me, then tune into 101.5 WPDH for an on-air appearance immediately following my set!

On August 21st, I will be appearing on the Artist First Internet Radio show from 9PM to 10PM (EST). The show broadcasts over the 'net all around the world. From what I understand, they have a pretty impressive listenership, so I am very excited to be able to expose my music to a brand new (and very large) audience. I will be doing an interview by phone for the full hour, and they will spin some songs off of my CD. You will have the opportunity to contact me by sending your emails in during the show. Check out www.artistfirst.com for more information, and to listen to the show.

On August 22nd, I will be doing a show at the Catskill Marina up in Catskill, NY with my good friends, the Loose Marbles. The show starts around 10:30PM.

And on August 30th, I will be traveling to New Hampshire to record a live concert performance with my band, for the syndicated radio program, "The Studio" Independent Radio Show. We will pre-record the show for an air date in September. Check out www.mojomusicstudio.com to see when the show will air, on 60+ radio stations all over the world! I'll be playing the best of my CD, and also some brand new tunes that some of you have never heard, and I am very excited to be able to record this live performance. For those of you who have never seen me perform live, this will be the perfect opportunity to check out my band, and to see for yourself that XOCH ROCK'S!

For more details about any of these shows, please visit my GIGS page.

Speaking of radio, I am very excited to tell you that a few FM radio stations across the USA are starting to pick up my single, "The ONE"! I am still working on trying to get a complete list of who is spinning my song, but I do have a few stations to tell you about - KMHA 91.3 FM, out of New Town, North Dakota (97,000 watts); KNON 89.3FM out of Dallas, Texas (55,000 watts); and a smaller FM station out of Paonia, Colorado called KVNF 90.8FM (3,000 watts). From what I hear, there are several more stations as well that are putting my song into rotation on their playlists, and that is VERY exciting to me. I will let you know more as soon as I know! Thanks to the MD's and PD's of those stations for hooking me up, and for giving their listeners their first taste of XOCH!

Look for the July/August issue of Fireworks Rock and Metal Magazine (issue #13 - available only in Europe) coming out very soon, with a great big feature on ME!!! This is not just a small column or mention, it will be my first major feature in a major magazine, with some new pictures as well. I'm psyched! Fireworks #13 comes out in August, and I should have a copy of it posted on my REVIEWS page by mid-August or so.

And last but not least, "The Addiction V.2" compilation CD is finally available. I will have a few copies at all of my upcoming shows, or you can go to www.alternativeaddiction.com for more information. Some of the bands on this CD (including yours truly) are really awesome, and a couple of them are quite famous (Brian Vander Ark of the Verve Pipe, and the boys from Jeremiah Freed)! I definitely feel that I am in great company on this CD, and I'd like to say thanks again Alternative Addiction and Abray Records for asking me to be a part of this awesome compilation CD.

I know that was a plethera of information I just gave you, but I think I covered everything! See you on Saturday!


July 16, 2003

I have a very busy few days coming up! This Friday July 18th I can't wait to ROCK OUT at The Loft, at the Chance Complex in Poughkeepsie. My good friends Zero 260 will be on the bill with me, along with Red Karma, Jordan VanDusen and Jimson's Lyric. Doors open at 8:30PM. The show starts at 9PM and I hit the stage around 11PM. This will be one kick ass show that you don't want to miss!

I am going to a New York Yankees baseball game on Saturday July 19th at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, NY. It's also Old Timers' Day, so I am psyched! I have been a Yankee fan my entire life, and I try to make at least one game every season. Go Yankees!!!

And then on Monday (7/21), I will be back in New York City ROCKIN' OUT at ACME Underground! I hit the stage at 8PM sharp. I have never played there before, so I'm really psyched about doing the show! Please show your support and come on down and party with me in NYC! Yeah, Baby! For details about this show, just visit my Gigs page.

This just in - Chris Cubeta & Danny Lanzetta of Galuminum Foil Productions will be my special guests at the Cubbyhole Coffeehouse in Poughkeepsie on Friday July 25. Chris and Danny will be opening the show with some great music and poetry, followed by yours truly!! This acoustic show will be a great deal of fun, so come out to the Cubbyhole and check it out!

The Addiction V.2 is now available! I should be receiving some copies very soon and they will be available for purchase at my shows. I will have limited copies so if you're interested, pick up a copy ASAP! This CD features the hottest unsigned/indie bands in the country, including ME! Keep checking my site for details, or simply visit alternativeaddiction.com for more info.

On August 30th my band and I will be travelling to Franconia, New Hampshire to record a live-in-the-studio concert and interview for a radio broadcast. The program is called "The Studio", and it is a pre-recorded syndicated radio program that airs over the internet and 60+ radio stations all around the world! I am not sure yet when my performance will air, but I will let you all know as soon as I know! I think it will air sometime in September. The entire broadcast will be available for download immediately following the air date, so for those of you who have not had an opportunity to see my band and I perform live (like all my European friends, for example), you will at least be able to listen to some live performance tracks! Please visit www.mojomusicstudio.com for a complete list of all of the participating radio stations. As I find out more info I will certainly keep you all posted, so remember to keep checking back here for all the latest news!

Some of you may have noticed that we posted some new black and white photographs on my Photo page last week. I have a couple of new pictures from my vacation at Block Island last month (in a bikini!), as well as a few brand new photos of myself and my guitarist Vince Ripper just hanging out on the porch of Xoch Headquarters! Go to my photos page to check out the new pictures.

On a personal note, I just want to wish my wonderful, hardworking webmasters, Cary and Jonathan, a fun and safe trip! They are going away this coming weekend for a well-deserved week long vacation. Enjoy yourselves! You deserve it! Any further updates to my website will happen after they return from their trip at the end of July/beginning of August.

That's it for now! See you all Friday night! ROCK ON!!!!!

July 7, 2003

I hope everyone had an awesome 4th of July! As "Star Spangled Xoch", I certainly displayed some fireworks of my own at Chic's on Saturday night! Thanks to all who came out to the show! I want to thank my friends The Loose Marbles for having me on the bill. We always have so much fun doing shows together! And while I'm giving props, I want to thanks Chris from The Loose Marbles for coming up and sitting in on the drums during my song "The ONE" during my set! It was very spontaneous, sounded great, and really changed things up for my acoustic set rather nicely! I also got to make a guest appearance during The Loose Marbles' set as they covered "Freak of The Week" by Butch Walker a/k/a Marvelous 3. I helped JD out on the vocals, and it was a blast. Thanks guys for such a rockin' great time!!!

And to really get my fill of music this weekend, I also attended the CD release party of my Producer and good friend Chris Cubeta, at the Towne Crier Cafe in Pawling on Sunday night. What an awesome show! It was really great to see Chris do his own thing! He had a great band of talented musicians backing him up, including my good friend Jerry Terwilliger from Zero 260. Being a Producer/Engineer, Chris usually stays behind the board all locked up in his studio, so it was really refreshing to see him play his material live. His new CD "Sugar Sky" is awesome! So thanks for such a special treat Chris! Check out Chris Cubeta and his great new CD at www.galuminumfoil.com.

I will be returning to my electric, full band self on the 18th of July, so come to my show at The Loft to see my band and I rock the house once again! Acoustic shows are great, but now that I've done a few acoustic shows in a row, I'm itching to get back to my electric thing. For details on my upcoming shows, please visit my Gigs page.

Quick reminder - the "Addiction V.2" compilation CD will out in just ONE WEEK! Be sure to go to www.alternativeaddiction.com for all the juicy details! The CD features songs by the absolute best unsigned artists in the USA, including former Verve Pipe frontman Brian VanderArk, Jeremiah Freed, and ME TOO!!! Check it out!

Until next time, ROCK ON!

July 2, 2003

I'm definitely ready to celebrate! I wish you all a safe and wonderful 4th of July weekend!!

On Sunday, I did an interview with Bruce Mee, the editor of the UK-based "Fireworks" magazine. I would like to personally thank Bruce for calling me and asking me some very provocative questions! They were extremely well thought out, and I simply had a blast talking to him! By the way Bruce, I love your Scottish accent!!! This will be a major feature in the next issue of "Fireworks", which hits newstands in the UK and Europe in August! If you would like to find out how you can obtain a copy of the magazine, please email me and I will be more than happy to point you in the right direction. Be sure to keep checking my site to see when it will be posted!

Look for the European release of my CD "XOCH - The ONE" through Now & Then Records in August! Please visit www.nowandthen.co.uk for more info!

And here in the good old U.S.A. the long awaited "Addiction V.2" is now available for pre-order! The official release date is July 15. Copies are limited, so order yours today!! For more info, please visit www.alternativeaddiction.com.

And don't forget, this Saturday July 5th, I will be performing a special acoustic set at Chic's in Kingston, NY. Also appearing - my friends The Loose Marbles! For more info about the show, please stop by my Gigs page. This will be an awesome show, so you don't want to miss it!

See you Saturday! Rock on!!

June 26, 2003

Well, it definitely feels like summer now! SUMMER IS HERE!!! It's bright and hot outside, but I can't complain. It's such a nice change from the black cloud that seemed to linger over the Northeastern U.S. since January!

The Bardavon Theatre production of "Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" was a great show! My favorite part of the show was the costumes. Very technicolor and sparkly!! I want to give a shout-out to my drummer O'Keefe & bassist J.J. for doing such a kick-ass job in the orchestra pit!! Way to go guys, you sounded GREAT!! I also want to thank the wonderful cast and crew of the show, many of whom I met after the performance, for tuning into 91.3FM WVKR on June 18 to check me out live on the radio!

Speaking of shows, my next performance will be at Chic's in Kingston, NY on July 5 with my buddies The Loose Marbles. I will be doing an acoustic set at Chic's, but starting July 18 at The Loft in Poughkeepsie, I will be back to the full-electric-band presentation you have all grown to know and love.

This just in - I will be playing the legendary ACME Underground in NYC on Monday, July 21. I hit the stage to rock the house at 8pm. I have never played there before, so I'm really psyched about the show. I love playing new venues! This will be an awesome show not to be missed, so start making your plans NOW to come party with me in NYC! Yeah Baby!! The XOCH Army will be rockin' the Big Apple!

In cyber news, the cover of my CD "The ONE" is being featured on the front page of the Now & Then Records website, as a soon-to-be-released-album feature. A release date will be announced soon - probably in August from what the higher powers tell me. To check it out, please go to www.nowandthen.co.uk.

And on this side of the Atlantic, keep your eyes out for the Addiction V.2 Compilation CD which will be released officially on July 15 across the country. Call your local stations and request them to play XOCH!!! For more info about the V.2, please visit www.alternativeaddiction.com.

At this time I would like to thank "Team XOCH" for their hard work and dedication! Thanks Jonathan and Cary for your hard work on the web site! It's truly appreciated! We are planning on making some changes to the site soon, so keep checking back to see what we come up with (I know you guys will dig it!!!)

I also want to give a shout out to my awesome fans who have taken the time to write me and show their support! I love fan mail and as many of you know, I respond to everything sent in to me. So if you're feeling wordy or just want to express yourself, please feel free to write me!

Until next time, ROCK ON BITCHES!!!

June 19, 2003

I had a great time on 91.3FM WVKR's Scene Unseen program last night! Thank you all for tuning in to the show! I brought my band boys Vince Ripper (on acoustic guitar) and Johnny "Too Sexy" Casulli (on piano and acoustic guitar) with me. We did an acoustic/piano performance, and it went great. Scene Unseen host Marc Stuart started his program at 6PM by spinning my song "Rage & Confusion" off of my CD "The ONE", and then we went live at about 7:44PM. We started a bit late because the sound-man never showed up! We had to scramble a bit to get everything miked up and sounding good, but it all worked out just fine for a great appearance. Thanks to Marc for keeping his head and getting everything set up so quickly!

During my appearance, we spun "The ONE", "You", and "My Desire" from my CD, and my boys and I did acoustic performances of two new songs that will appear on my next CD (slated for a "sometime in 2004" release) called "Best I Never Had" and "Everyday (of my Life)". We also performed a piano-driven version of "Let Me In" from my CD, an acoustic and piano cover version of the Butch Walker/Marvelous 3 song "Vampires in Love" (Go Butch!), and we closed the show with an acoustic version of my single and CD title track "The ONE". We talked a lot about the local music scene here in the Hudson Valley and all of the recent excellent developments in my career, like my signing with UK-based Now and Then Records, the soon-to-be-nationally-released Alternative Addiction/Abray Records Compilation CD "The Addiction V.2" (July 15th release date!), all of the recent international press I have received in recent months, and lots of other fun stuff! It was great, and Vince and John did a great job holding down the acoustic and piano groove for me to sing to - thanks guys!

I also want to thank Marc Stuart of Scene Unseen and his crew Kelly and Wavy Dave for their hospitality! They are a fun crew and I can't wait to do the show again!! Please visit their web site at www.sceneunseen.org and tell them XOCH sent ya!

To get your "fix" of Xoch news, keep checking this page for some great announcements in the up-coming weeks. A lot is happening and it should be a fun-filled, busy summer!

Until next time, ROCK ON!

June 17, 2003

WOW! I kicked off an incredible weekend with a great acoustic show at the Wreck Room on Friday. Thanks to all of you who came out to show me love! I also want to thank my boys The Loose Marbles for sharing the bill with me. I always have a blast playing with those guys!!

After the show, I went to Block Island (located off of Rhode Island) for an extended weekend where I got to stay with some friends at an awesome beach house! What a great time! The beaches were beautiful, the weather was great (NO RAIN!!!) and I got to just kick back and chill! It was great!

Now that I'm totally refreshed and eager to take on the world, tune in to 91.3 FM WVKR tomorrow (6/18) for a full hour of ME starting at 7:30pm. I will be playing a few songs live in the studio and catching up with my good friend and Scene Unseen program host, Marc Stuart! Marc, thanks for having me and I will see you tomorrow night!


June 10, 2003

I had such a blast at the Human X CD release party on Saturday night! Kick ass set, you guys!! I wish those guys all the luck and success with their new CD!

The show was pure mayhem! I got there around 9:30 to see Atraphine. I am great friends with the guitarist Chris Juliano, so I just had to check them out. They are very progressive-style band and it was cool to see that kind of music sung by a female vocalist!! Rock on sista!!!

Following Core and Human X, I went down to the stage to give some luv to my boys The Loose Marbles who were playing the last set of the night (which is a very hard set!) Apparently, I wasn't the only one givin' luv to my boys!! Two drunk men (you know who you are!) were throwing flowers on the stage at the band. J.D. got one, Joe got one and Rockstar Dan walked away with a bouquet! I guess Dan's O-Town shirt was a big hit with the ladies & the fellas, huh?!!! he he!! You guys played an awesome set and I look forward to our show at the Wreck Room on Friday 6/13!! For more info about the upcoming show, please visit my Gigs page.

Immediately following the bands, Human X hung around The Chance and signed CDs, posters, nipples and anything else that was handy!! I have to say, that was one of the best CD release parties I have been to in a long time. Between the "nippleage" & plant "roughage" I felt like I was in Eden! Such a great place for the divine...

The party will resume this weekend at The Wreck Room, so come out and Rock with me!!!

ROCK ON Bitches!!!

June 6, 2003

Since I feel inspired, I decided to do a quick entry.

I want to give a special shout out to a bunch of indie music sites that have been so generous with their encouragement and support! I want to take this moment and thank Rob Gilmore of Soundwerkz & Mark and Jen from Midwest Bands for posting a front page feature about my signing with Now & Then Records on their sites! I also would like to thank Ebandz & Beyond the Garage for their continued front page features as well. To check it all out, please visit:

Check out the new CD review by Scene Unseen's Marc Stuart on my Reviews page. Thanks Marc for your support! I'm counting the minutes until 6/18 (see GIGs page)!! Check out Marc's show on WVKR Vassar College Radio 91.3 FM from 6pm-9pm on Wednesdays or via the web at www.sceneunseen.org.

And speaking of CDs, the full "Addiction V.2" line-up is now posted on Alternative Addiction. "The Addiction V.2" CD will be available on July 15. Shortly after the release date, I will have some copies at my shows. For more details, check out www.alternativeaddiction.com..

Tomorrow night, I will be at the Human X CD release party at The Chance here in Poughkeepsie, where I will get to party with my good friends The Loose Marbles and Human X! It should be a great show! Come party with us!!!

I wish you all a great fun-filled weekend!!

Until next time, ROCK ON!!!!

June 4, 2003


To get into the spirit of summer, I decided to change things up a bit and do only acoustic shows for the month of June. I like to do this once in a while because it is a great exercise in adaptation! For a performer, it's essential to prepare for every situation imaginable (even ones you'd rather not imagine ;D). Fun, relaxed and laid back, so if you want the details, go to my GIGs page and I will hook YOU up!

And speaking of FUN, I want to give my props to my fellow bandmates O'Keefe & JJ who have been rehearsing diligently to get ready for a string of performances of the musical "Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" at the Bardavon Opera House here in Poughkeepsie. The show opens 6/13 and will run several performances. O'Keefe will be playing drums and JJ will be playing bass as part of the orchestra. Way to go guys..."go go go band mates, you know what they say, hang on now bandmates, WE'LL make it someday...." ha ha ha ha! I like to write my own parodies to well known songs - I may have missed my calling.....go figure! So instead of feeling sorry for myself, I found an even higher calling - World Domination!(;D)

If you haven't read it already, check out the review from StoryLine Records on my Reviews Page.

Also, look for a major upcoming XOCH feature in the UK-based publication "FireWorks". The feature will coincide with the European release of my CD "The ONE". The magazine and CD will both become available in July. I want to say thanks to Bruce Mee at FireWorks for such a great opportunity! I will post the feature as soon as I receive it, so please keep checking my Reviews Page for more info.

At home and abroad, dominating both sides of the Atlantic...it's...SUPERXOCH!!! That's right! The Addiction V.2 will be available in July. The Addiction V.2 features the 20 of the best unsigned artists in the country, including several nationally know bands and artists, and my song "The ONE" is being featured on it. Please visit www.alternativeaddiction.com for more details.

And while all of this is happening, I'm continuing to write new material for next CD, which I plan to release in Spring 2004. I have about 6 tunes ready for the next CD, and you can start to check some of them out at any and all upcoming gigs. I am hoping to start recording this Summer, but I may have to wait until the end of the year. My band and I will get back in the recording studio just as soon as we can. I love new songs and I can't wait to share them with each and every one of you!

Until next time...ROCK ON!!

May 20, 2003

Hey everybody! My world domination goal is moving right along as planned! I now officially dominate the web on both sides of the Atlantic, and also the Pacific Rim! Check out these front page links for MAJOR Xoch announcements and publicity -

England - www.nowandthen.co.uk (May 16 entry)

United States - www.alternativeaddiction.com (front page - go down the page a bit)

Australia - www.melodicrock.com (May 16 entry - go down the page a bit)

Be on the look-out for the Alternative Addiction's V.2 Compilation CD will be released this Summer, and check this link -

www.alternativeaddiction.com/compilation/theaddiction_v2.asp for even MORE Xoch information and publicity! This CD features twenty of best unsigned bands and artists, including Brian VanderArk (Frontman of the Verve Pipe), Jeremiah Freed, and of course, yours truly!

Have you all checked out my Merch page?

To my Euro-fans - have you picked up Fireworks Magazine, issue #12? There is a sampler CD inside with 20 great songs from 20 great bands (mostly from all about Europe), including my single "The ONE"! Grab this collector's item NOW, before they all go!

That's it for now! Keep checking back here for all the latest news in the world of XOCH!


May 14, 2003

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Female Pop/Rock sensation XOCH, has signed with UK-based Now and Then Records for Distribution and Promotion of her debut CD "The ONE" throughout Europe!

After many years of remaining dedicated to my art and honing my craft as a vocalist & performer, it feels really good to be able to share this incredible news with each and every one of you!! It's truly a tremendous feeling to gain recognition for hard work. I want to thank you all for your continued support, I truly appreciate it! Dreams can happen if you work for them and never stop believing. Thanks to Now and Then Records for their belief in me as an artist, and for such a great opportunity!

My CD will be released in Europe very soon, and over the next few months thousands of my CD's will find their way into record stores in many countries all about the European market. There's a pretty good chance XOCH will be taking over the European radio-waves very soon, so to all my Euro-fans and friends, start looking, listening, and start calling your local radio station to demand your daily serving of XOCH!

In related news, the newest issue of the bi-monthly UK-based publication "Fireworks" hit newsstands yesterday! In this issue, readers get a ton of info about the upcoming GODS festival (Memorial Weekend) and included with the issue is a compilation CD (put out by Now and Then Records) featuring many great acts, including yours truly with my single (and CD title track), "The ONE"! The magazine is sold exclusively throughout Europe. I will be getting a copy of the magazine soon, so I will post more info when I receive it.

And in other cool news, I met Steven Jenkins from Third Eye Blind last Tuesday. They had a show here in good old Poughkeepsie, NY at The Chance Theatre (I'm sure some of you went), so I met him at the radio station before the show. He was very friendly and when he approached me, he said "You look familiar to me. Where do I know you from?" I told him, "From your dreams", and he just smiled and said "I know!". He then signed my Third Eye Blind CD and I gave him a copy of my CD. He and fellow band mates were kind enough to take photos with the radio station employees and sign fans' CDs. As they were leaving the station, Steven thanked me again for the CD. Melissa the receptionist at the station, said to me "He was so into you! He liked you!!" I just want to say thanks to Steven & Third Eye Blind, and I hope that you enjoy the CD! It's nice when the Rock Stars come to you!

The PowerPlay Magazine review is now posted for your reading pleasure! Considering that this magazine (which is only available in Europe) features mostly death metal bands and the like, I feel the review is very positive and says some great things about 5 of the songs on my CD, and some very encouraging and supportive things about the future of my career ("great body of work", "media darling", you get the point!). Go to my Reviews page to check it out!

I want to give a shout-out to two very supportive indie sites that have me featured on their front pages. A special thanks to Beyond the Garage & Ebandz for showin' me some love! Please visit their sites at beyondthegarage.com & ebandz.com and tell them XOCH sent ya!! ;D

And for those of you who aren't "cyberjunkies", I have a bunch of gigs coming up! Check my gigs page and see where I'll be & when!! Right now I'm writing some new songs and doing some re-working of my band, which will allow a greater emphasis on my voice. What do I mean? Come to a show and find out - I guarantee you'll see something that you've never seen before! Come on out and get ready to ROCK OUT!!!!!

Last chance to vote for my song "The ONE" in the Unknown Bands Top Ten List at Alternative Addiction, So get your votes in today! Let's keep XOCH on the list for the 5th straight month! Visit alternativeaddiction.com.

Also, look for my song "The ONE" on the Alternative Addiction compilation CD "The Addiction V.2" which will be released nationwide in June.

Please keep checking back for all the latest news in the world of XOCH! ROCK ON!!

May 7, 2003

Hey everybody!!

I know it's been a while since I wrote an entry, so here is a new one for all of you patient and compassionate fans!! Thanks so much for all of your emails asking where I have been - I just love to hear from you all, and I will always answer every email personally. It has been a very busy few weeks, with a lot going on behind the scenes.

In my last entry, I mentioned that I would be going international (baby!) and that you should all stay tuned for the details. Well, I have just inked a deal with a very large and well-known European indie label that is going to distribute my CD "The ONE" throughout Europe! WOW! If things go well with the CD over there, there's a great possibility that my band and I will be brought overseas to promote "The ONE", and also to record a second CD, sometime in 2004! Until the label makes the official press release, I will not name them, but rest assured, you'll be seeing it here VERY soon!

And speaking of international, go to Australia-based HUGE website, http://www.melodicrock.com, and check out the May 6, 2003 news entry for a mention of my single "The ONE", to be released on a Now and Then Records compilation CD, which will go out with the upcoming issue of the UK-based publication, "Fireworks". The magazine will go on sale at the 10th Annual GODS OF AOR Festival ("The GODS"). The festival will take place during the last weekend in May (U.S. Memorial Day Weekend), and is held every year, exclusively in the UK.

And while I'm talking about UK publications, keep checking back here and see the XOCH feature in UK-based "PowerPlay Magazine", which will be posted on my site within the next few days!

While you're at it, please go to http://alternativeaddiction.com and vote to keep my single "The ONE" in their Top Ten Unknown Bands list!! The list will be updating on May 15, so hurry and get your votes in!! Also, keep your eyes out for "The Addiction V.2" CD which will be released by Abray Records, in conjuction with the Alternative Addiction website, in early Summer 2003. This CD compilation contains songs from the absolute best and brightest up and coming artists in the world, and will include my single "The ONE"! Also featured exclusively on this fantastic CD are the newest singles from Verve Pipe frontman Brian VanderArk, and radio sensations Jeremiah Freed, along with many other great up and coming artists! I will be in great company! Stay tuned for even MORE news regarding Alternative Addiction coming soon .........

I HAVE MERCH!! Available NOW for your enjoyment, I have T-shirts (available for both my boys & my bitches!!) and baseball hats. I have regular T-shirts for guys, and Baby Doll style for girls, in various sizes. Hats are one size fits all, and they look great! If you're interested in purchasing either a shirt or hat, please email me and I will be happy to make arrangements with you. Of course you can always come to a show and buy one directly from me and my crew! I'll have pictures of the hats and shirts posted on my site soon, so check back to see them. There are a limited supply, so get yours today!!!

I think I covered it all!! Whew! Until later, ROCK ON!!!!

April 17, 2003


This is your goddess, who sure ain't modest!! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend!!

To kick things off in this Xoch's Notes entry - for the fourth straight month, my song "The ONE" continues to remain in the Unknown Top Ten at Alternative Addiction, this month climbing from #10 all the way up to #8! I want to thank all of you who continue to vote to keep my song, "The ONE", in their countdown. Your votes DO count, as my song has slowly but surely been climbing the chart. The polls are open once again and they update once every month on the 15th, so please go to www.alternative addiction.com and continue to vote for me!! Show a sista some luv......

In related news, congrats to my boys The Loose Marbles on making the Alternative Addiction Top Ten at #9 with their song "Lost"!! Way to go guys! That website is a tough nut to crack, and anyone who gets any attention there at all should be proud. To make the Top Ten Unknown Bands is quite an accomplishment! So, after you're done showing ME love on A.A., give some to my boys and vote to keep their song on the countdown as well!!

As I said last entry, I will be taking a few weeks off to work on writing some new material - I've got 3 great new songs finished already, and I'm working on ideas for a few more. I will be ready to rock out once again very soon, beginning in June. As of right now, my next show is June 13 at the Wreck Room in Walden, NY. I'll also be back in NYC again in July for a gig at CBGB. Several other shows are in the works as I write this, so keep your eyes on my GIG page for more info. I look forward to performing for all of you again very soon, with some brand new songs to rock the house!

And now for some very exciting stuff! In late 1999, I did a radio interview on 92.7/96.9 FM WRRV here in Poughkeepsie, NY and I told the program host, George Fletcher, that I would be going international one of these days. My very dear friend George giggled a bit when I told him that during our on-air interview, but I was dead serious at the time! Well, here it is, just over 3 years later, and it is finally happening, just as I predicted. Beginning very soon, I will finally be going international, baby!!! A lot is going on for me "behind the scenes" right now, and I have been asked not to give any specific details for just a little while longer, but my star is definitely starting to shine very brightly overseas! Please check back here very soon for an official press release and for more details....

Also, keep your eyes posted for my upcoming CD review in UK-based publication "Power Play Magazine" which will be posted on my Reviews Page at the end of this month, or possibly early May. The magazine is not available in the United States, so if you're interested in obtaining a copy of the magazine, send me a note and let me know, and I will give you the information on how to obtain your own copy. Thanks very much to Rob Evans for taking the time to review and write about my project, and for his encouraging words and personal advice - Thanks Rob!

Lastly, a personal big hug and kiss to my wonderful friends Karen Valenti, Cary Kruzansky and Jonathan Dickau. I simply do not know what I would do without these 3 people! None of them are in my band, but they all do so much for me and my music in a way that most of the rest of the world will never see. All 3 of them have put a lot of time and effort into the business side of my project in recent weeks, and I just want them all to know how much I appreciate it! Thanks guys - GO TEAM XOCH!!!

Until next time, ROCK ON my Bitches!

April 7, 2003

Hi, y'all!!

I just want to thank everyone who came out to the Wreck Room on Friday night! What an awesome show!!! It may have been cold outside, but baby, it was hot in the club! I also want to give props to The Loose Marbles and Lunar Apathy for helping me make the show the success - it was 'cause you guys kick ass!! Definitely a great night of live entertainment!!

If you haven't done so already, please continue to go to www.alternativeaddiction.com and vote for my single "The One" on their Unknown Top Ten List. The Unknown Top Ten list will be updated in just a few days, so hurry now and get those votes in!!

In other Alternative Addiction news, I have been asked by them, and have accepted their offer to be featured on their upcoming compilation CD "V.2" which features many of the best undiscovered artists currently out there! I'm happy to say that I am the only female artist appearing on the CD, so boys may have their toys, but this girl is gonna RULE THE WORLD! Be on the lookout for more info in future "Xoch's Notes"!

And across the Atlantic, I have yet another positive and encouraging CD review coming out at the end of the month in the UK-based magazine "Power Play Magazine". The magazine isn't available here in the USA unfortunately, so please continue to check out my site. I will post this review as soon as (if) I receive it. Hopefully the writer will send me a copy of the magazine, as I have asked him to, so I can show you all the review.

Have you picked up your copy of the March issue of UK-based "Classic Rock Magazine", to check out the feature and CD review on yours truly? Please visit Barnes and Nobles bookstores and ask for your copy of the March issue of "Classic Rock Magazine".

Well, I have some downtime coming up with no gigs booked right now. During this break, I will be working on writing/finishing some new material to record in the studio sometime during the Spring. Stay tuned for all the latest news about an upcoming recording session. I'll be gigging again very soon, so keep your eyes on my GIGS page.......

Now it's time for me to get on my soapbox - why not, it's my column, right? Did you know that here in the Hudson Valley, many of your favorite local artists & musicians are not getting the full respect they rightfully deserve? A regional publication, The Poughkeepsie Journal, has decided that they will not support an artist who wishes to be addressed only by his or her pseudonym. Apparantly to them, a pseudonym is something they don't see as a legitimate "name", according to the "policy" that I have been told about by newsroom employees. Unless I am willing to comply with their demand to use a different name other than XOCH, they will not write anything about me or my project, not now or ever as I have been told. Well, I think that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my life, and I am sure artists like Kid Rock, Pink, Elton John, Gene Simmons, Peter Criss, Ace Frehley, Ringo Starr, Tom Cruise, Marilyn Manson (need I continue?) would agree with me on this one! I'd like to see The Poughkeepsie Journal tell one of these artists that they could not do an interview with the Poughkeepsie Journal without using their birth name. I'd like to see how far this policy would take them in a situation like that! And as far as "policy" goes, I have no less than 7 prior articles written about me and my project, published in the pages of the Poughkeepsie Journal between 1997 and 2001, where my pseudonym vs. my birth name was not an issue at all. I was addressed only as Xoch (or Xochipilli) in no less than 7 prior features published in the pages of the Poughkeepsie Journal, so what is the problem now? The story goes like this - I was contacted last week by their staff writer John Barry for my input in a piece he was doing on the costs associated with self-production as an artist. At the END of the interview, Mr. Barry told me that I MUST give him some name other than XOCH or he could not print my comments, and he also went on to say that he could never do ANY piece on me unless I complied with his demand that I give him some name other than XOCH. Well, needless to say, I did not comply. My partner Vince called Mr. Barry to discuss this with him on my behalf, and Vince was treated like absolute crap by Mr. Barry, being told that he did not have time for this, and that Xoch would be, in essence, blackballed by The Poughkeepsie Journal because neither Vince nor I would authorize them revealing my private, personal, and unrelated information. A very nice, professional, tabloid-like practice, don't you think? So, I contacted two of his supervisors, Roy Fashona and Rich Kleban, to discuss this unprofessional and completely unjustified treatment, and this policy, with them. In the end, I was told that is their policy, "for credibility reasons". When I presented to them, at their request, all of the prior articles written about my project wherein my name was NOT an issue, they merely blew that off, reiterating this alleged policy. Now let me ask - how "credible" is that? Showing a paper how they have repeatedly violated their own "policy", and then being told it is done for credibility purposes! Y'know, it's just so wonderful to see an alleged reputable publication like the Poughkeepsie Journal contradict themselves, just proving the hypocrisy of this "policy" and completely invalidating their theory of credibility. The only thing more ridiculous is how Vince and I were treated by their staff writer John Barry when we told him we were not happy with this policy and would not authorize them to use any name other than XOCH when writing about my project or me. Mr. Barry was just plain rude and unprofessional in our assessment, treating us terribly, and how dare we question him. Well, I for one will NOT be pushed around by a newspaper that looks more to dictate to regional talent, than to support them! So, I told them no thank you - I have no wish to work with any organization that is not willing to treat me with respect, dignity, and professionalism, just as I have always treated every company, person, paper, etc. that I have ever dealt with. As every Hudson Valley artist already knows, many publications or media outlets in this region "talk" of support of area artists, and maybe even write a little token 50 word column from time to time, or maybe play local music on the radio at midnight on a Sunday for 30 minutes (who is really listening to the radio at midnight on a Sunday?), but is that REALLY artist support? Why is it so nearly impossible for a band or artist to get decent and encouraging support from here in the Hudson Valley region of NY? Does this happen everywhere? I find it amazing that I can get a slew of UK-based magazines to do features and interviews and CD reviews on my project, and I can get radio play on FM radio stations all over the USA, but here in my hometown of Poughkeepsie, it's like I, and many other talented artists, simply do not exist. One local DJ recently said on the air on his show that a regional band is simply not a "real band". Nice. I am sure all of the artists here in the Hudson Valley really appreciated that one! Just because I live here in Poughkeepsie does not mean that I, or any other regional artist, deserves to be treated like crap, or as if my name, XOCH, is something to be laughed at and disregarded! Some nerve!

If you have thoughts about this, write me a note and let me know what you think, or better yet, write a letter or e-mail to Managing Editor Rich Kleban at The Poughkeepsie Journal and let HIM know what you think. Write to the Hudson Valley regional FM radio stations and let THEM know what you think! I would love to hear your take on this situation, so let's talk about it. As many of you already know, I respond to every e-mail I receive. Write me at xochmusic@yahoo.com, and let's start a revolution!

Well, that's my soapbox for this week! Please check back here regularly for all the latest information. BIG, BIG NEWS COMING VERY SOON, I PROMISE!!! Check back to find out what amazing things are on the horizon for XOCH!

Rock on!

March 19, 2003

Did everyone have a Happy St. Patrick's Day? I hope you all had a safe, fun-filled day of celebration!

Now for the good news - for the 3rd straight month I have made the Top Ten Unknown Bands at Alternative Addiction! I am still hanging strong at #10! What is really cool about this is that I am the ONLY female artist featured on that site, and I am also the only pop/rock artist - most of the indie music featured there is more hard rock or alternative rock oriented, so I think it's pretty cool that I have been able to stay there for as long as I have! Thank you all for voting to keep me there. The boys may have their toys, but this girl is gonna rule the world! Please continue to go to http://www.alternativeaddicition.com and keep voting for "The ONE." Let's make "The ONE" #1 next month!

For the last few weeks I have been working on some new song material, and my plan is to have the new stuff ready for my next show (4/4) at the Wreck Room. The two new songs are called "Best I Never Had" and "Carmen Elektra" - the first song is finished and ready to go, and the second one is very close. I think that these new songs are very strong and I can't wait to share them all with you!! Come to my gig on April 4th at the Wreck Room in Walden and be the first to hear the newest XOCH hits! Also on the bill are our good friends "The Loose Marbles", and a brand new female-fronted Hudson Valley band called "Lunar Apathy", so it should be an awesome show.

Have you all picked up your copy of the March 2003 issue of UK-based magazine "Classic Rock"? XOCH is featured in not one, but TWO short-but-sweet articles written by reknowned rock-writer Dave Reynolds. You can pick up this great magazine here in the USA only at Barnes and Noble Booksellers, so go get your copy NOW!

A quick shout-out to Rob Gilmore at Soundwerkz for continuing to feature XOCH on their front page, and also for continuing to do some behind-the-scenes work on my behalf. A few really cool things have come out of that so far and, with a lot of luck, maybe even greater things will happen! I'll tell you all about it as soon as I can. Keep checking in here for the latest developments and updates.

Lastly, keep your eyes open for a major XOCH announcement coming very soon! I have a few great things in the works and I should be able to tell you all about it very soon! I'll give you all a hint - XOCH is going international baby!

Until next time - Keep rockin'!!!

March 10, 2003

Hey everybody!! The show at CBGB's last Thursday (3/6/03) was awesome!! Thanks to all who came in both body and spirit, despite the nasty blizzard. It's always a great to go back to NYC and rock out!! I love CBGB's and I also love St. Mark's place. The most happening place in all of New York (well, any place that I am is THE most happening place - ha ha!)

And now the news you all been waiting for - I am featured in the March 2003 issue of UK-based "Classic Rock Magazine", where I had the pleasure of speaking with reknowned music journalist Dave Reynolds for his column, "Hairspray Heaven", and also a separate CD review. Dave is truly a great guy, so thanks Dave for such a great piece! The magazine has already hit news stands throughout the UK and Europe, and can be found at Barnes and Noble bookstores sometime this month - remember it's the March 2003 issue, not any other month. To see the 2 pieces from the magazine here, please check out the REVIEWS page on my site. It's a great read!

Also, I would like to take a moment and thank all of you international fans who voted for me in the UK-based AORDreamZones.com's Best Unsigned Band Contest. Because of all your hard work and votes, I WON the contest - I received 34% of the vote out of 9 bands from all over the world! To see the final results of the contest, please visit my REVIEWS page once again. It's truly a great feeling to be loved and appreciated by so many wonderful fans all over the world!! My fans are the BEST!!!!!

And while I'm giving out some respect, I want to thank Rob at Soundwerkz.com. Rob has been gracious enough to post an MP3 of "The ONE" on the front page of his site for several weeks now, and has also been doing a bit of "behind the scenes" work on my behalf. Thanks Rob, for the exposure and the support!! Please visit www.soundwerkz.com and check it out.

I also want to thank Mojo Music Studio for spinning my song "The Cold" on their internationally syndicated radio program "The Studio" once again. I checked out the show for the week 3/6/03, and I loved how Uncle Joe introduced the song!! It was classic!! I apparantly had the #1 requested song for the first week I was broadcast by "The Studio" (2/13/03), so they replayed my song again last week! Please visit their site www.mojomusicstudio.com/studio.asp and request XOCH!!! Uncle Joe and the crew would love to hear from all of you! There I go again, making "phatty" rhymes! M.C. Be-otch in the house......

IMPORTANT! This is the last week to vote for my single "The ONE" on the Alternative Addiction Unknown Top Ten before they update the list once again on 3/15/03! I am still hanging in the Top 10 at #10, and I am hoping your votes will bring my song higher up the chart. Please go to the Unknown Bands Top Ten section at www.alternativeaddiction.com/unknownbands/unknowntop10.asp and vote for XOCH!

One more thank you - thanks to Bearshare.com/home for featuring XOCH on their front page this last week, and for helping to drive some of their traffic to my website. Thanks guys!

My next live performance is on April 4 at The Wreck Room in Walden, NY. The Loose Marbles and Lunar Apathy are on the bill. It's not to be missed! See you at the show!! Until next time, ROCK ON!

February 26, 2003

Hey all!

There's a lot happening right now and I wanted to share the news with my wonderful supporters! As of today, I'm being featured on a very high profile industry site called Soundwerkz. They have posted MP3s of "The One" and "Invisible People" on the front page of their site, so go to www.soundwerkz.com to check them out!

I also have a feature and CD review in the March issue of UK-based "Classic Rock Magazine", which is due to hit the stands in the next couple of days. It's the "Spin" magazine of Europe and is only available here in the States at Barnes and Noble bookstores. So get yourself a copy!

On Thursday March 6, I will be playing the legendary CBGB's in NYC. I'm on the stage at 10pm. It should be a really hot show, so come on down to NYC and party with me!

And speaking of MP3s, I have some posted on MelodicRock.com, the largest web site for music in the entire Pacific Realm! A CD review will be posted within the next couple of days, so go to www.melodicrock.com and check out the site. G'Day!!

Also in the upcoming week, on March 6, my song "The Cold" will get some FM radio airplay on 60 stations across the country on a nationally sydicated radio program known as "The Studio". To check out the show, please go to www.mojomusicstudio.com.

And now for some top secret info!! Since this is the place where I reveal my personal thoughts, I wanted to share with all of you that some offers have been made to me and that currently, contracts for these offers are being reviewed. I don't want to mention any names, since I'm still in the process of negotiations. Just keep your eyes and ears out for XOCH!! 2003 may be the year for me! We shall see. I love makin' phatty rhymes!

Keep going to the following sites and vote for XOCH. You CAN make a difference!!


That's all the news today! Keep checking my site for all the latest info. BYE!!!!!

February 18, 2003

First off, I would like to thank all you wonderful people who voted for me at Alternative Addiction! I appreciate the love. I have just gotten the results for their February Top Ten. I made the Top Ten at #10. Please continue to go to www.alternativeaddiction.com and vote for me! It would be my dream come true to be "the one" at #1!

I also appreciate all the votes I have gotten at both AOR Dreamzones- www.aordreamzones.com and Guitar Club- www.guitarclub.indiegroup.com. Please continue to visit these sites and vote for me!! Thank you.

This past week, I was featured on Mojo Music Studio's Independent Radio Show called "The Studio." They played "The Cold", which went out to over sixty radio stations across the United States. Be sure to check out www.mojomusicstudio.com and find out how you can request Xoch!!! In just a few weeks beginning March 8, I will be getting some more airplay from them, so keep checking their site for more details!

On Saturday, I went to The Loft to support Butch Walker, who was in the area doing an acoustic show. He played a great set and it was truly awesome to hear his songs with just him, an acoustic and some percussion. After his set, we talked and he was so honored to get a copy of my CD! For those of you who don't know, Butch Walker is listed in the thank yous of my CD because he and his music are a true inspiration to me! The last time Butch was in the area (around October 2002) he and I had a very encouraging, great conversation about music. He is such a great guy to talk to. Butch is the man!!!!

Well, that's all the news for now. Please keep checking back to my site for all the latest Xoch info! Keep rockin'!!!!

February 10, 2003

I had such a great time playing The Chance on Friday. Thanks to all of you who came out and helped make the show a great success!! It is because of wonderful fans like yourselves that I'm able to go out there and do my own thing!! And for that, I thank you!

This is your last chance to vote for my song "The One" which is being featured on Alternative Addiction's Top Ten. Please cast your votes by February 14 to keep my song on their Top Ten. Please visit www.alternativeaddiction.com. Thanks!

And on to other news. I would just like to get the word out to everyone that my song "The Cold" will be featured on 60 stations throughout the U.S. starting around February 13. So log on to www.mojomusicstudio.com and check it out!

And speaking of on-line voting, I have a two more sites that are featuring me and require votes from my adoring fans! Please visit both AOR Dreamzones at www.aordreamzones.com (click on unsigned band page and look for me) and Guitar Club at guitarclub.indiegroup.com (click on their Band of the Month box and look for me). With all this voting, I'm going to need my own Electoral College!! Be sure to keep checking the site for updates! Take care.

February 6, 2003

Well, so much has been happening, I don't even know where to begin! I want to encourage you all to keep voting for my song "The One" in Alternative Addiction's Top Ten. The results are tallied once a month and I would love to see my song stay in the Top Ten. So if you haven't voted yet, do so!!!

And in more news, I'm in the Artist Spotlight for this week at Indie-Connections. Please visit their site at www.indie-connections.com and check it out!

Also, I'm being featured on another indie band web site called Guitar Club. They have visitors of the site vote for their band/artist each month. Please go to their site at guitarclub.indiegroup.com and vote for me!! Just look for the 'Band Links' page, click on it and go to the "Band of the Month" box, fill in 'XOCH' and submit your vote! One vote per person, please.

If you want to catch me out and about, I will be playing The Chance this Friday (2/7). Please come out and show your support to the many talented musicians who are on the bill. Thank you.

Just to let you all know, I have a few CD reviews that will be published in some European music magazines and web sites over the next few weeks. Be sure to check my Reviews page often to see when they are posted.

Keep checking back here for more details about me and my musical conquests!! Rock on!!

January 29, 2003

Well, what a great week I've had!! First off, I want to thank everyone who came out to my show at The Loft last Friday 1/24/03. I appreciate the love! I really enjoy seeing people out and about having a great time rockin' to live entertainment! Special thanks to all the other great bands who performed that night - Greg Wood, Supergoat, the Projekt, and Three.

Where to begin! Since my single "The ONE" was added to the Alternative Addiction Top Ten Unknown Bands on January 15, I have been getting such incredible response and attention to my music! It's such an exciting time for me! Through my song "The ONE" being listed on the Alternative Addiction Top Ten, I was contacted by the world famous rock writer Dave Reynolds, who has since interviewed me (from the UK!), and will be doing a feature on me in an upcoming issue of the UK magazine "Classic Rock"! Dave has been very good to me and I appreciate his generosity! Thanks, Dave! The article is due out at the end of February, and I will be posting the article on my site when I receive it, so keep checking for it on the Reviews page.

Also, a bunch of different radio stations in Belgium (I'm huge in Belgium!) and Germany have requested "The One" for air-play on their FM radio stations. Cool! XOCH is going international!

In addition, I have also gotten many wonderful responses and requests for my CD "The One" from several distributors and record labels throughout the UK and Europe!! REALLY!! It's truly an incredible feeling to know that hard work and persistence can pay off!! Several e-zines have contacted me as well! I will keep you posted as things develop, so be sure to check back here for more details..........

Get ready everyone - as I said in my very first Xoch Notes entry on August 30, 2002, XOCH WILL BE THE ONE TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD, and I meant it!

Lastly, please continue to go to AlternativeAddiction's Unknown Top 10 and vote for my song "The One" in the Unknown Top Ten!

Thanks, and take care!!

January 13, 2003

I want to thank everyone who came out to The Wreck Room on Saturday night, January 11, 2003! It was an incredible night of live music and entertainment. Both myself and Human had incredible sets! It was a fun evening for all, and I thank all of you who came out because you are what made the night an awesome success!

I also want to say thanks to George Fletcher, Publisher of Rhythm and News Magazine for featuring me as the "Budweiser Band of the Month" for the January 2003 issue of R&N! Also, as a total surprise to me, I was the featured artist on an FM radio program called "On-Stage", hosted by Mr. Fletcher, and broadcast over 92.7/96.9 FM WRRV, last night (1/12/03)! Five of the songs from my CD, "The ONE" were played. 30 minutes of me!! How awesome is that?!

Speaking of thank yous, I also want to thank all who participated in the Rhythm and News Magazine Reader's Poll (results printed in the January 2003 issue of R&N). Thank you for voting me as the Winner of the category "Best Alternative Band" (XOCH is #1!) and for choosing my website as your second place winner in the category "Favorite Band Web site." The credit for the website really goes to Cary Kruzansky and Jonathan Dickau at Diverse Productions, my wonderful webmasters, and my good friends. Lastly, I want to thank the several thousand listeners at www.alternativeaddiction.com for voting my single "The ONE" onto their Unknown Bands Top Ten List last month. The add takes place starting January 15, 2003, and I ask you all to continue to go there and vote for my song to stay on their Top Ten for as long as possible. So, thanks everyone, I very much appreciate it!

Since I have said that this is the place where I can reveal my most intimate thoughts, I would like to discuss something that I feel needs to be addressed. The "F" word! That's right. I'm going to use the "F" word freely! For those of you who may not know, I used to front a band called "The Fuzzies." The Fuzzies had a wonderful run. The Fuzzies had national radio play from coast to coast, sold over 7000 CD's at live shows alone, opened for many national acts, and lots of other great stuff. I met some awesome rock stars, and even had a few invitations to hang out with bands like Fuel, Lit, Saliva, and others. As a member of The Fuzzies, I had the opportunity to work with many talented musicians throughout the years. There was good. There was bad. There were smells! Yet, through all of our trials and errors, after seven years of doing the same thing musically and not really seeing the kind of results we wanted, my songwriting partner and guitarist Vince Ripper and I both decided it was time to change the focus of our project. We felt that although we enjoyed our run with The Fuzzies, we were ready for something new, and something that really emphasized more my strengths as a vocalist and performer, as opposed to how heavy or fast we could play for example, or how long the guitar solo should be. We felt boxed into a creative hole with the punk style we were playing, and got sick of all of the politics in the industry as far as "female fronted rock bands" go. There was alot of internal squabbling over image and direction as well. So, Vince and I left The Fuzzies in June/July 2002 and left the rest of the band to go their own ways. However, through all that, I truly appreciate what The Fuzzies did for me. It was my "stepping stone". The Fuzzies allowed me to build the confidence and experience I now have as an entertainer and performer. However, like all great things, The Fuzzies have come to an end. With every end, there is a new beginning, and that new beginning is XOCH!

Although XOCH is a solo Artist, I do have a brand new band backing me up and helping me to rock the world - Vince Ripper on Rhythm Guitar and Backing Vox, Justin Spada on Detail Guitar, John Casulli on Keys and Loops, J.J. Reed on Bass, and my long-time buddy Chris O'Keefe on Drums. My band is totally AWESOME, and I love them all!

With that being said, I thank all of you who have supported my musical aspirations and endeavors over the years. I thank you all for allowing me to grow and evolve, not only as an individual, but as an Artist as well! It is an exciting time for me; a new beginning. I feel that the new material on my new CD "The ONE" is very strong and represents who I am and what I'm about. My decision to emphasize MY image instead of a contrived BAND image is right thing for my career at this point in time. I feel that this will be the year that "everything's coming up Xoch's"! So, I have to ask all of you friends and fans who have not quite gotten the message yet - please, let the Fuzzies rest. The Fuzzies died in the Summer of 2002, and will not rise again. I no longer consider myself to be an "Alternative Rock" Artist - the Fuzzies were, but I am not. I am a Rock/Pop Artist - "the line between Rock and Pop" I like to say - and I am proud of it. It's what I have always done best, and what is closest to my heart. My songs are better now that I have shed that old punky, fuzzy skin. I appreciate the loyalty of the Fuzzies' fans, but it is time for me to grow up.

The only constant that we as individuals can count on in life is change! I embrace change! I can only ask that you embrace the change as well. For better or worse, this is what I have done, and XOCH - the woman, the singer, the music project - is where I am going. I invite you all to join me, it's going to be a great ride!